General Information

  About Our Website

  • This website was created to provide a general resource for information for our residents in addition to another means of communication between the residents and the Board of Directors.

  Board Positions are 100% Volunteer

  • All positions and offices on the Board are volunteer. There are no paid officers or Board members. This information has always been available in the annual report and/or through the Association's Treasurer. The residents are fortunate in that the slate of officers and directors donate their personal time, easily saving thousands of dollars. Most condo associations utilize private management companies for day to day operations; costing $12,000-$15,000 annually.

  About Your Monthly Fee

  • The automatic debit payment method, passed unanimously by your board of directors in October 2005, is a simple, convenient way to pay your maintenance fee. At that time, it was also directed that new residents who purchase at North Point are required to participate in the program. The payment is deducted at the same time each month from your account (any financial institution or brokerage, etc.) and transferred directly into the North Point maintenance account. This will appear on your bank statement. The Treasurer views only the same information displayed on a blank check and the amount to be deducted. There is nothing else shown regarding your personal information. Of course, the account & routing numbers are maintained within the bank records and can be changed at your request. The fee-debit system has been trouble free since its inception with not one problem or complaint.

  Garbage and Recycle Pick-up Schedule

  • Garbage:  Monday. Please use containers, not plastic bags as they might attract critters. Garbage should be placed out for early morning pickup.
  • Recyclables:  Click on the following link to view the 2019 recycling calendar.


Please don't feed animals or birds at ground level as it attracts pests and critters

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